No Putin, No War


What is particularly disturbing about the Russian people is their long history of unquestioning subservience to oppressive and autocratic leadership. These people live in a country that is literally rotting from the inside out. A country that does not support the welfare and basic needs of its own people. A country rife with corruption, where many basic freedoms are either limited or denied. Yet all the while, their huilo embarks on psychotic fantasy games of Eurasion domination. During the course of one year, Russia has deteriorated from the class of «rising emerging economy» to what is essentially pariah state status. Yet the Russian sheep still bow in subservience to their huilo. After all, it’s all America’s fault. It’s masterful CIA scheme that unfurled flawlessly over the past year. Their supercomputers predicted the outcome of every one of a million unknowns and variables, to masterfully subjugate the Russian Federation in just one year. Poor victims of the American doctrine of hegemony! Time to double-down in support of your masters! WAKE UP RUSSIAN SHEEP! The spirit of independence and freedom has been crushed from your collective spirit. Decades of oppressive leadership and Siberian death camps have literally bred the freedom-seeking spirit from your culture. Can you not find a grain of courage within yourselves, to rise up and demand the kind of government and liberties you deserve as human beings?

Anna Molchanova

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